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Bengaluru’s Infrastructure Landscapes

We have been studying the city of Bengaluru from different lenses as part of our larger research agenda on 'Plannig for Evolution of Cities'. We are happy to present one of our recent work on Bengaluru's Infrastructure Landscapes.

Call for Fellows under Project Ashoka

Gubbi Labs is pleased to announce fellowship opportunities for individuals interested in ecology, conservation and community outreach. Gubbi Labs is a unique private research collective working in diverse areas such as ecological and urban research, science communication, consulting and community outreach.

Uncovering the mystery of Microhyla sholigari using citizen engagement

The Western Ghats of India is known for its myriad diversity of amphibians. Frogs in particular have been hopping all over the place and one can find reports of new species being discovered almost on a monthly basis. As a case in point, over 100 species of frogs have been discovered from the Western Ghats in the last decade alone.


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