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Register with us for the next course on Mapping Essentials an intense 2-day program for students and professionals alike! Learn more about this course here.

Cities are complex systems. Building on the 'science of cities' our research works on planning for evolution of cities.

We successfully conducted PRiMER at Gubbi Labs' Eco-station, Gubbi. Do check out the photographs from the course (courtesy: Vineeth Kumar). And look out for announcement for the next version of the course.

Gubbi Labs is proud to present the Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats by Dr. KV Gururaja and On a Trail with Ants by Dr. Ajay Narendra and Sunil Kumar M.. The book on An Illustrated guide to common Diatoms of Peninsular India by B. Karthick, P. B. Hamilton and J. P. Kociolek will be out soon!

Biodiversity estimations have been typically carried out mostly in protected areas. However, there remains an un-estimated diversity outside forests or the non-protected areas which are mostly not sampled and estimated scientifically. Here, our research attempts to study the biodiversity in the non-protected areas.

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We offer short-courses on Mapping, Research, Statistics, Ecology, R-software and on Agent-based Modeling.
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Mapping Essentials is taking place on 28th - 29th May 2016.
Potential participants are encouraged to go through the course descriptions and register!

Potential participants are encouraged to go through the course descriptions and apply!

New book!

Magical Mantids by 13-year old Ananda Shikhara Bhat is available on The book was released by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar at IISc on 19th June 2014.


The Research Media Services Division of Gubbi Labs is happy to call for interns interested in writing science stories. Work will entail taking on technical scientific material and communicating it to a popular audience. This can include:

1) reading academic papers and writing about them in simple language

2) visiting labs and interacting with scientists, and communicating their research in simple language.

Interested? Click here to get more details.

Whats up?

Check out our Android app, Frog Find to identify Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats on Google Play! FROG FIND

Scientists to join hands with Citizens in Mapping an Endangered Toad

Pedostibes tuberculosus, commonly known as Malabar Tree Toad is an endemic toad reported very sparsely across the Western Ghats. The discovery of this toad dates back to 1876 by Dr.

Mandookavani 1.0

Mandookavani (Sanskrit: Mandooka - Frog, Vani - Speech) is an acoustic guide to the frogs and toads of the Western Ghats. Frogs and toads (together called anurans) have evolved to communicate vocally. Anurans produced sound by vibrating vocal chords as air is pushed over them through lungs. The sound thus produced gets amplified in a balloon like vocal sac. Each species has a unique calling pattern and hence can be used as an identification key in the field.

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