We are a collective.

We have come together because we believe in freedom, collaboration and innovation.

We are a group of people who incidentally have some training in sciences, engineering and research.

Dr. Ajay Narendra Ajay Narendra has a strong interest in the world of ants - the little creatures that run the world. His stint with ants began as a keen naturalist in Western Ghats, India. This interest led him towards a Bachelors in Environmental Sciences with Entomology Honours at Bangalore University, during when he began his training in ant taxonomy. He then did a Masters in Environmental Remote Sensing & Cartography at Madurai Kamaraj University. He was part of a Cumulative Impact Assessment team at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, where he investigated ant distribution patterns in Western Ghats. He started his PhD in 2003 at Macquarie University, where he studied the navigation strategies of Central Australian and North African desert ants. After completion of his doctorate, he moved to The Australian National University in December 2006 as a Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the ARC Centre for Excellence in Vision Science. He is currently an ARC funded Postdoctoral Fellow [APD], a position he has held since January 2009. He is also part of the Ecological Neuroscience Research Group at the ANU and a member of Gubbi Labs in India.
Alakananda B. Alka studies diatom communities in disturbed aquatic systems. Currently she is studying the diatom communities in polluted wetlands of Bangalore. Further she will explore the possibilities of using diatoms as bio-monitoring tool for long term wetland management. She is involved in SimRiver Project and other environmental education programs. She has submitted a thesis based on her research for PhD from University of Mysore.
Dhanapal G. Dhanapal has a Masters in Environment Management from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. Worked on Tiger Ecology Projects in Madhya Pradesh and Western Ghats. Landscape and Large Mammal Ecology are his fields of interest. Trekking and Bird Watching are his favorite hobbies. He is currently with UNDP India.
Dr. K. V. Gururaja K. V. Gururaja holds PhD on fragmentation effect on amphibian communities in Western Ghats. Travelled extensively in the Western Ghats and Western Himalayas. He carried out postdoctoral research on conservation priority areas in four major West flowing rivers of the Western Ghats based on amphibian distribution. His interests vary from amphibian ecology, behaviour biology, acoustics, conservation and management and training young minds. He is currently Urban Planner / GIS Analyst at the Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Dr. Karthick Balasubramanian Karthick holds PhD on ecology of stream diatom communities in Western Ghats from University of Mysore. His thesis on diatoms is the first of its kind in India and for his thesis he has studied most rivers of the Central and Southern Western Ghats. Earlier, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at CU Museum of Natural History in University of Colorado, at Boulder, United States of America. Currently, he is a Post Doctoral Fellow at North-West University. Potchefstroom, South Africa. His interests are taxonomy and ecology of endemic diatoms of Peninsular India, using diatoms as bioindicators, water quality assessments and environmental education programs. He also contributes extensively for Tamil Wikipedia.
Murali H. R. Murali H. R. (Indian Cycle Service) has a great passion for cycles. And believes in simple systems. He worked at GE HealthCare for 5 years on building real time medical apps. He then worked as a Independent Consultant for building J2EE Apps.
Pradeep Banavara Pradeep B V is a neogeographer and a developer-under-construction with interest in ICT. In his stint with the Govt. IT dept he has dabbled with communication networks for telemedicine, distance education, e-governance and pioneered remote counselling. He is the co-architect of the BTIS which attempts to predict the vehicular traffic pattern based on the mobile traffic patterns by mining telco switching data. He is also the co-founder of the Headstart network and the startup Saturday movement. When he is not mapping around with his GPS he can be found evangelizing and advocating cycling as a solution to the urban traffic mess.
Preeti Gururaja Preeti Gururaja did her Master’s in Biotechnology from Mumbai University in 2008. After working with Cipla Pharmaceuticals for a brief period, she got interested in ecology and behaviour of Western Ghats frogs. She joined Gubbi Labs in year 2010 for volunteering on the project, ‘Pocket Pictorial guide on frogs and toads of Western Ghats’ and assisted Dr Gururaja KV in fieldwork and in designing the book. She is presently working as a Senior Research Fellow in Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bangalore and is pursuing PhD on Ecology and Conservation Genetics of some frogs from Central Western Ghats. Besides this, she is also interested in Landscape Ecology, Environmental history and Bio-prospecting.
Priyadarshini J. Shetty Priyadarshini has a master’s degree in Environmental Science from Bangalore University. Earlier she had a stint with Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning at the Indian Institute of Science. At Gubbi Labs she was part of the team that worked on urban land use land cover change studies. Currently, she is with Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
Ramya Badrinath Ramya holds a master's degree in Life Sciences from Bangalore University. She focuses on Ecology, Animal and Plant Communication from the bioacoustics perspective. She is interested in studying the animal, birds and plant sounds and the behaviour associated with them, and how the sounds of nature parallel musical melodies, and also the complex systems involved with them. She is also interested in Acoustic Monitoring of Biodiversity.
Sameer Ali Sameer Ali has a Masters in Life Sciences from Kuvempu University. He is an excellent field biologist with immense interests on insects, birds, fishes, amphibians and plants of the Western Ghats.
Dr. Sandhya Sekar

Sandhya did her PhD in ecology from the Centre for Ecological Sciences in the Indian Institute of Science, where she worked on butterfly movement patterns. During her PhD, she realised that she liked the amazing stories from science rather than the nitty gritties that go with each study. She has now changed tracks, and is doing an MA in science journalism from the UK. She is interested in travel, writing, website design and gadgets.
Seshadri K. S. Seshadri has completed his Master's in Ecology. He is well known bird watcher in Bangalore and a photographer too. Worked extensively in the canopies of Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Forest, looking at epiphytes to recording frog calls. He is recipient of Conservation Leadership Programme and Madras Crocodile Bank Trust funding to carry out research and is currently pursuing his PhD with NUS, Singapore.
Shashikala V. Gowda Shashikala obtained her master’s degree in Environmental Science from Bangalore University. Earlier she had a stint with Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning, Indian Institute of Science. At Gubbi Labs she was part of the team that worked on urban land use land cover change studies. Currently, she is with Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
Dr. H. S. Sudhira Sudhira has a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research interest centres on how towns and cities evolve. He has been publishing scientific research articles for a while now. His research has been primarily on land-use and land cover change studies exploring their consequences on environmental sustainability and understanding their inter-relationships with resources and transportation. His broader research addresses the evolution and growth of towns and cities invoking complexity sciences, understanding planning practices and studying the effect of governance. He was a faculty member at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Earlier, he had a stint with the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Govt. of Karnataka as Land-use and Transportation Specialist. He is a bird-watcher and volunteers for India Literacy Project (ILP). Currently, he is the Director of Gubbi Labs.